• Xypex Crystalline Technology Animation

    By way of a highly magnified view of one capillary, the animation illustrates how Xypex penetrates concrete and how the catalytic reaction that results ultimately leads to the formation of insoluble crystals and a concrete structure that is permanently waterproofed even against extreme hydrostatic pressure.

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  • Xypex Admix Installation

    Xypex Additive products, added to the concrete at time of batching, are part of the Xypex concrete waterproofing and protection system and represent one of three different ways to install Xypex Crystalline Technology into concrete.

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  • Panama Canal

    Xypex Admix C-2000 was used in the concrete repair mortar to rehabilitate the walls of the Gatun Lock chambers and conduits.

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  • milner

    Xypex Canal Restoration

    Recently a concrete flume on the MIlner-Gooding Canal was showing extensive deterioration due to freeze-thaw attack has been restored with XYPEX crystalline waterproofing materials.

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Xypex Quality Assurance & Testing

May 19, 2015, 17:16 PM
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May 19, 2015, 17:15 PM
Xypex's highly reliable position in the concrete industry has been propelled by its development of comprehensive quality systems. These systems have been certified to be compliant with such international quality standards as ISO 9001:2008, British Board of Agrément, Cahier des Charges and European Union Directives. The ongoing consistency and resulting confidence in Xypex operations, products and services, stems from our strict adherence to these quality systems and standards. This focus also provides a framework for continual improvement and enhanced benefits for our customers throughout the world.
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