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Две ново-изградени паркиралишта на приземјето беа третирани со Xypex Concentrate. Тие се изградени над подземното паркиралиште каде што е забележано одредено протекување. Xypex беше избран пред другите материјали за успешно разрешување на проблемот. Третирани се површини од 1 500 + 800 m2 користејќи 2 000 kg Xypex Concentrate.


Прати е-пошта
  • Xypex Project

    Residential Building

    Skopje Two leaking elevator shafts were repaired. The bottom of the shafts was 50 cm below the water level. After the preparation, slab and the walls were both successfully treated with Xypex concentrate and Xypex Patch’n Plug.
  • Xypex Project

    Boritas Apartment Complex

    Skopje Two newly constructed ground level concrete parking decks were treated with Xypex Concentrate. They were built above the underground parking which showed some leakage. Xypex was selected over other materials to successfully resolve the problem. Areas treated was 1,500 + 800 m2 using about 2,000 kg of Xypex Concentrate.