Project Detail
  • Pavlov Archeological Park

    Pavlov nr Brno, Czech Republic

    Just recently the Czech Building Academy named the Pavlov Archeological Park as “Building of the Year 2016”.

    The museum is located at the important archeological site of Pavlov in the Pálava hills near Brno in the Czech Republic, an area of outstanding natural beauty which has been declared a protected landscape area by the government.

    The design for the museum had to take into account the local landscapes and so the architects Radko Květ Studio decided to build a largely underground concrete structure with a few protruding turrets with the appearance of “limestone rocks standing out from green meadows and vineyards”.

    Due to ground and rain water a monolithic watertight concrete was required of the contractor OHL ŽS. Following its long history of waterproofing and protecting concrete in underground construction, Xypex Admix was chosen as the sole waterproofing system for the structure.

    Inside, the museum combines modern audiovisual technology with traditional museum displays of Paleolithic relics from the site.