The following construction details are provided to give information and guidance. Where available, regionally established construction details, norms, standards and practices should be followed. 

Discussion with local Xypex Technical Services Representatives and construction professionals is recommended. Follow all Xypex and other manufacturers’ specifications and installation instructions.
DWG  •  PDF    Construction Joint - Traffic Bearing Slabs

DWG  •  PDF    Construction Joint - Non-Traffic Bearing Slab & Walls 
DWG  •  PDF    Construction Joint - Wall onto Slab 
DWG  •  PDF    Construction Joint - Slab into Wall to Keep Water Out 
DWG  •  PDF    Construction Joint - Slab into Wall to Keep Water In 
DWG  •  PDF    Standard Metal Pipe Detail 
DWG  •  PDF    Concrete Wall & Slab - Below Grade - Inside Application - Wall into Slab
DWG  •  PDF    Concrete Wall & Slab - Below Grade - Outside Application - Slab into Wall
DWG  •  PDF    Multi-level Concrete Wall & Slab - Below Grade - Slab into Wall
DWG  •  PDF    Retaining Wall
DWG  •  PDF    Parking Deck
DWG  •  PDF    Roof / Deck Plaza
DWG  •  PDF    Hydraulic Elevator Pit
DWG  •  PDF    Elevator Pit / Sump Pit
DWG  •  PDF    Planter
DWG  •  PDF    Tunnel
DWG  •  PDF    Swimming Pool
DWG  •  PDF    Sewage Clarifier
DWG  •  PDF    Wall with Kicker
DWG  •  PDF    Reservoir / Wet Well
DWG  •  PDF    Underground Vault / Dry Well
DWG  •  PDF    Precast Concrete Manhole
DWG  •  PDF    CMU Block Wall - Below Grade - Exterior Application
DWG  •  PDF    CMU Block Wall - Below Grade - Interior Application
DWG  •  PDF    CMU Block Wall - Above Grade - Exterior Application