Project Detail
  • Underpass interchange Mixcoac-Insurgentes

    Mexico City, Mexico

    The underpass interchange Mixcoac-Insurgentes has been an extraordinary challenge for Mexican engineering because of its architectural complexity and operative logistics. Its structural composition of two tunnels, one in top of the other, as well as their three way ramifications, made it one of the most complex interchange infrastructure and, at the same time, a work of public space recovery that has been carried out in Mexico City. It is worth mentioning that it is the only double tunnel that exists in Mexico City, which has several in-coming and out-going ways all along its 1.3 kilometers, both in the upper level as well as in the lower.

    One of the most important challenges of this project was the near-by below ground work. The existence of three sewer collectors along the interchange tunnels meant a complex work but in the long run it brought important benefits to the hydraulic infrastructure through the substitution of concrete underground galleries that protect the pipes, as well as some waste water ducts which would stay adjacent to the tunnels.

    In order to get a waterproof structure, Xypex technology was chosen because of its ability to seal all void spaces that could cause dampness or leaks, its resistance to chemical attack and its easy application in a short period of time.

    There was a critical situation when one segment of the wastewater pipes had to be substituted, due to the fact it was immediately below and side to side to the out-going inferior tunnel. Due to a tight schedule, and as the channel was already built, 200 kg of Xypex Concentrate were used to cover the inner side of the wastewater channel and Xypex Admix C-2000 (dosed at 2%) at the moment of pouring the concrete that was used as a cover slab of this channel as well as a deck of the upper tunnel.

    Quoting Architect Vladimir Sanchez, general supervisor of the project “the use of Xypex technology by crystallization has been convenient and practical, even to solve unpredictable situations as flooding by rain in some areas of the project”... the superior performance of Xypex was satisfying not only for the engineers who were working on this project, but also for the supervision of the Mexico City Public Works Department.


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