Project Detail
  • Sandfort Creek Lift Station

    St. Charles, MO, USA

    As part of a larger sanitary sewer improvements project, Alliance Water Resources is constructing the Sandfort Creek Lift Station in St. Charles, Mo., for East Central Missouri Water and Sewer Authority (ECMWSA).

    The lift station, located in an area with a high water table, will have an estimated design average flow of 587,000 gallons per day. Key in the new lift station design is a 32-ft deep, 10-ft x 10-ft underground wet well and valve vault with a 300,000 gallon storage basin.

    Cochran Engineering & Surveying LLC, the project engineer, specified Xypex crystalline waterproofing admixture to be mixed with the concrete that would form the underground concrete structures (both the wet well and the storage structure).

    The addition of crystalline waterproofing technology to a concrete mix at the time of batching improves resistance to water penetration, sulfate attack and microbial induced corrosion. The technology works within the concrete to improve waterproofing and durability by filling and plugging pores, capillaries and micro-cracks of the mix with a non-soluble, highly resistant crystalline formation. Wherever water can penetrate the concrete, the crystalline formation will follow forming an integral and permanent part of the structure.

    Specifically, the concrete crews added Xypex Admix C-500 at the concrete plant to about 480 yards of Type III cement based concrete at a dosage rate of 20 lbs of Admix per cubic yard for the poured in-place walls, the base of the lift station wet well and the excess flow storage structure. St. Louis Prestress, a provider of precast and prestressed concrete materials, also used Admix C-500 for the precast rectangular planks that cross the top of the wet well, as specified by Cochran. The planks are 12-in. thick x 48-in. wide x 25-ft long.

    Once complete in fall 2015, the lift station will send sewerage to the City of St. Peters Spencer Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility.


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