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The contractors used a number of Xypex Concrete Waterproofing solutions for the different areas within the complex. The concrete sections of the roof on each tower, as well as spaces within the basements including the lift cores, the tri-level basement slab, and wall areas within the basement were all treated with Xypex.

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  • Concentrate

    Xypex Concentrate is the most chemically active product within the Xypex Crystalline Waterproofing System. When mixed with water, this light grey powder is applied as a cementitious slurry coat to above-grade or below-grade concrete, either as a single coat or as the first of a two-coat application. It is also mixed in Dry-Pac form for sealing strips at construction joints, or for the repairing of cracks, faulty construction joints and honeycombs.

    Concentrate Product Data

  • Modified

    Xypex Modified can be applied as a second coat to reinforce Xypex Concentrate, or applied by itself to dampproof the exterior of foundation walls. Applied as a second coat, Xypex Modified chemically reinforces Xypex Concentrate where two coats are required and produces a harder finish. Where dampproofing is required, a single coat of Modified may be used as an alternative to a spray/tar emulsion.

    Modified Product Data

  • Admix C-500 NF & C-1000 NF

    Xypex Admix is blended into the concrete mix at the time of batching to waterproof and protect concrete from the start. It outperforms other methods because of its unique ability to become a truly integral part of the concrete matrix. The Admix C-Series has been specially formulated to meet varying project and temperature conditions.

    Admix C-500 NF Product Data
    Admix C-1000 NF Product Data

  • Адмикс С-500,С-1000, С-2000

    Зайпекс Адмик- бетон хольцын зууралтын явцад нэмэлтээр хийж бетоны ус тусгаарлалтыг эрс нэмэгдүүлнэ. Бетоны дотоод бүтцийн сийрэгжилтийг багасган, бетон дах илүүдэл усыг талст болгон хувиргаснаар бетоны бат бэхийг дээшлүүлэх, дотоод бүтцийн нягтралтыг бий болгох нөлөөлөлийг үзүүлнэ.

    Адмикс С-500 Бүтээгдэхүүний мэдээлэл
    Admix C-1000 NF Product Data

  • Patch’n Plug

    Xypex Patch'n Plug is a specially designed, fast-setting, non-shrink, high-bond-strength, hydraulic cement compound for concrete patching and repair. Patch’n Plug stops flowing water in seconds and is used to seal cracks, tie holes, and other defects in concrete.

    Patch’n Plug Product Data

  • Megamix I & II

    Xypex Megamix I is a thin parge coat for the water- proofing and resurfacing of vertical masonry or concrete surfaces, as a cap coat for Xypex Concentrate, or as an architectural rendering. Xypex Megamix II is a thick repair mortar for the patching and resurfacing of deteriorated concrete. Megamix II has been specifically formulated to produce superior bond, low shrinkage, chemical durability and high strength.

    Megamix I Product Data
    Megamix II Product Data

  • Xycrylic Admix

    Xycrylic Admix is a water-based, high solids, polymer dispersion specifically designed for fortifying portland cement compositions. This liquid is milky-white in color and improves curing qualities, enhances bond, imparts excellent water and weather resistance, and reduces shrinkage cracking. Xycrylic Admix is also used to fortify Xypex Patch'n Plug.

    Xycrylic Admix Product Data

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